Point Of Sales System for Restaurants

What a POS solution can do to YOUR BOTTOM LINE

POS Systems Have Proven That They Save More Money Than They Cost!!

The cost of an entry level POS system is less than $7.00 per day(oac)


– By using a POS system to coach staff, one establishment increased Up Sells such as Fried Mushrooms by 28%. At an average of $2.00 per add-on, this meant a bottom line increase of $28.00 per day.


– By implementing minimum Inventory Control, STAFF STOP HANDING OUT FREE BEER TO FRIENDS.


– By assigning individual drawers with security, cash floats become the responsibility of the wait staff. One establishment was averaging $5.00 cash short every day.


– On establishment was carrying equal amounts of ten beers only to find that 90% of sales was from 3 beers. They reduces stock in the other 7 and gained inventory space for their main sellers.
– On establishment prepared 40 sandwiches every morning. Sales analysis showed that on Mondays and Wednesdays they sold out, but the remaining days they were over stocked by as mush as 45%. After adjusting the number pre-made sandwiches, wastage was reduced to near zero.


– On establishment scheduled wait staff for breakfast. After reviewing Sales Analysis, they reduced the schedule by one person resulting in a savings of about $16.25 per day.


– perhaps the most important feature
– Improved communication between the wait staff and the chef means
–— gravy is always on the fries that were requested
–— entrees always come with the correct fries or mashed potatoes
–— salad dressing is always on the side when requested
–— steaks always come cooked as requested
–— sandwiches always come in the correct white or brown bread

First, take a second to see the functionality that our POS systems have:

  • Table Management & Reservations
  • Inventory
  • Wait-Staff Scheduling
  • Pizza Delivery & Extremely versatile Pizza Pricing models
  • Interfaces to Hotel Systems, Quick Books and Simply Accounting
  • Hand-Held POS & Integrated Credit Card
  • Reports for Inventory, Staffing, Best Sales and more
  • House Accounts & Customer Loyalty
  • Security ranging from passwords to fingerprint scanners

Our POS system will:

  • increase staff speed and accuracy
  • improve controls to stop staff shrinkage
  • speed up close out at night
  • find ot what sells best and when
  • provides all the functions of the expensive systems
  • very quick to teach staff
  • very quick to modify menus (daily specials)
  • add modifiers to make more money
  • "do you want mushrooms with your steak?"

We Do Exellent Pizza ! !

  • caller-id allows one button touch, "last order" creation in seconds
  • ensure drivers don't "get lost" with mapping/routing features
  • use customer loyalty programs to drive up revenues
  • increase driver efficiency and track multiple job codes
  • improve security and profits though enhanced void/promo control